We're happy to offer you help in exchanging or returning your purchase if you aren't completely satisfied. The products must be return in the same condition that you received them and won't be accepted if they've been used, washed or otherwise handled without care. We thoroughly go through all pieces of clothing when they are returned. We don't offer exchanges or returns on products, that has been sealed for health & hygiene reasons, where the seal has been broken. We're not accountable for products sent to us by mistake.

Usually a return or exchange is processed the day after it arrives at our warehouse, and refunds might take up to 14 days before showing in your account.


You can speed up your exchange by placing a new order yourself. We offer free exchanges for €0 as long as you keep at least 50% of the order value, otherwise it'll be treated as a Return. We offer exchanges up to a maximum of 2 times, after that it'll be treated as a Return.

  1. Place a new order for the items you want in exchange. We'll refund the shipping cost when we've received your return (please note that Express Shipments will not be refunded).
  2. Contact to receive your return label
  3. Fill out the exchange form that was sent out together with your purchase.
  4. Make sure the package is properly closed before sticking the return label on it and handing it over to the service point where you picked it up.
  5. You'll receive an e-mail from us when we've processed your exchange and issued any potential refunds.


The shipping fee on a return is €9.95 and will be deducted from the refunded amount (however, exchanges are completely free).

  1. Contact to receive your return label.
  2. Fill out the return form that was sent together with your purchase.
  3. Repack your products and place them together with your return form in a sealed bag.
  4. Securely close the package and stick the return label on it before handing it over to the service point where you picked it up.
  5. You'll receive an e-mail from us when we've processed your return and issued a refund.


Please reach out to us using Messenger by clicking on the icon, and we'll help you resolve this as quickly as we possibly can.
You can also reach out to us using, but you'll get help quicker using Messenger.


We're incredibly sorry if you've received a product that is damaged in any way and we'd like to apologize for that. For us to help you as efficiently as possible, please follow these steps:

  1. Snap a picture of the damaged product (where we can clearly see the damage).
  2. Write down the article number for the product.
  3. Send us the information via Messenger by clicking on the icon, or and we'll help you as soon as possible (do NOT send your products back until you hear from us).


We try all our sizes and in some cases they're either too large or too small. This means that in some cases you'll receive a Large even when you've ordered an M. Please reach out to us on Messenger before sending it back, and we'll confirm it.


If you received an order in multiple shipments, such as when some products are preorders, it is our recommendation that you combine these to one package if you want to return them. If you send it back in multiple packages, we'll treat each package as an individual return. We'll of course waive any return fees, if you payed for the return shipment yourself.



If you made your purchase using invoice, we'll send you an updated invoice with the new total. Our invoices are handled by Klarna and they'll refund any amount already payed to the account or card used for the payment. It might take up to 14 work days for you refund to be issued.


If you've made your purchase and are paying it in installments, the refund will be deducted from your next invoice.

Direct payment/Card payment

If you've made your purchase using direct payment or a card the refund will be issued to the same account or card used at the time of purchase. It might take a few bank days before it appears in you account.

Gifts and free items

If you've received a product for free as a part of one of our campaigns or coupon codes you are required to return it if you no longer fulfil the requirements. No refund will be issued for the products since you received it for free, but failing to return it will force us to charge you for the product.


If you regret your purchase before receiving it, please claim your package once it arrives and make a normal return.

Shipments that are returned to us as a result of not being picked up by you are not considered normal returns and shipping costs will not be refunded. A processing fee of €30 (€50 for Express shipments) will be deducted from the refund to cover our costs.

We also won't refund any fees that are the result of late payments or unclaimed shipments.

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